NUVO Elite D

NUVO Elite D

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Nuvo Elite D is a next generation hot applied, polymer modified crack and joint sealant for use with asphalt and concrete pavements. This sealant applies and sets up best in up to very hot temperatures, and is highly durable in cold to very hot climates. With advanced performance provided by inteliBond technology, Nuvo Elite D is self leveling, fast setting, quick melting, extremely flexible and moderately stiff for parking lot applications. Formulated with a low viscosity for maximum crack penetration, it is ideal for highways, county roads, municipal streets, parking lots, airports and pathways. Nuvo Elite D is the premium choice for your pavement maintenance.

Application: Read and follow application instructions before use. This product may be heated using a direct fired kettle or indirect heating methods, either a double boiler or hot oil circulating kettle. Equipment must have means of maintaining constant agitation to the material.

Maximum safe heating temperature: 400°F (204°C).

Recommended application temperature: 380°F (193°C).